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Meet the Coach 

I have a love and drive for the game that has given me a great opportunity to play at the collegiate level and get and education at the same time. With dedication I have for the sport of beach volleyball I am confident I will be able to work with you both physically and mentally to bring your game to the next level.

These are words from a few of my past Coaches.

To Whom it May Concern,


Montana-Rae entered our gym over a year ago at our 2014 Summer Clinics.  She was new to the sport of volleyball but was very eager to learn.  She continued to develop her skills throughout the summer and then even more in our Fall Power Clinics.  It was fun to work with her as she developed into the sport and her height, she made great improvement in those two clinic settings.  From there she tryout and made our 13 Regional team for Naples Juniors.  She worked hard to help the team and contribute everything she could on and off the court.  As one of the directors/coaches for Naples Juniors I was able to work with Montana-Rae in both team and private lesson settings.  She is always eager to learn, gives you every bit of heart, desire, and ability she has in every drill, lesson, or game.  She is a true team player and strives to be all she can for herself but more importantly her team and those around her.  Her smile is infectious and make everyone want to be around her.


I am excited to see where the future takes Montana-Rae as she has more physical and skill development to go.  With her heart and desire for the sport of volleyball she will surely become a player to be reckoned with and a great young lady as well.  If I can provide you with any further information on Montana-Rae please feel free to contact me at


Rich Hubbard, Director of Player/Coach Development

Naples Juniors, Inc.

(239) 872-7237


      Hello. My name is Scott Neyhart and I'm a coach for the USA South Volleyball club in Ft Myers Fl. I'm writing this on behalf of Montana-Rae Pelak. Montana is a special kind of player. She has a passion for the game of volleyball that is unmatched. She was always the first one in the gym and the last one to leave, always asking what can she do to get better. She constantly strives to improve her game be it by staying after practice or getting private lessons multiple times a week. She played as an OH on my 14 national team this year. She was consistently our go-to player in crunch time situations. Montana is such a pleasure to coach! Because of her desire and her determination, whatever she decides to do, I know she will go far!

Coach Scott Neyhart

USA South 14U Nationals Coach




To whom it may concern, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Montana Rae for quite a few years now. During that time I’ve seen significant growth in her skill level, her dedication to constantly be better than she was yesterday, and simply an ongoing passion for the sport of volleyball.


Having worked with many players across indoors and beach over the years, only a select few have proven to be as coachable as she is. To have the work ethic to set goals and go out and find a way to accomplish them is a rare trait in this day and age yet something she seems quite at ease with.


With that said, Montana Rae would prove to be a valuable asset to any school she chooses to attend in the coming years.




David Benoit

Owner / Director

Vibe Volleyball Academy

Cell: 239-285-8525





To whom it may concern,

I have had the distinct pleasure of coaching Montana Rae Pelak for two years as a travel volleyball member for USA South Volleyball.  After 20 years of coaching, I can candidly tell you that she is one of those players who is a constant breath of fresh air.  Her demeanor, team dynamics, and ethics far exceeds the typical Sophomore year player.  Montana has developed and matured significantly in the past year in reference to shot selection and placement.  She has room to improve upon vertical and approach reach, but has counteracted this shortfall by developing several off-speed shots to mix in with her hard, down ball.  More important than just volleyball skills is the young woman that she has become.  She consistently volunteers to stay late to not only work on her own skills, but to help mentor those younger than her.  Probably most impressive is that she does all of this with the biggest, most genuine smile on her face.  I have found through my experience that most travel players at the end of their sophomore year begin to fade in passion, especially if not heavily recruited, that is not the case in Montana.  She has a continued interest to learn and grow in the game.  Her ceiling for success is unlimited based on her work ethic.  If you have any questions, you may reach me at or 239-440-6196.



Justin Altman

Evangelical Christian School Varsity Coach

USA South Volleyball Coach

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